Frequently Asked Car Selling Questions

What Is The Difference Between Car Dealers That Advertise They Beat Offers & Buy Cars vs. DriveBuys™ ?
DriveBuys™  Is The Last Place To Stop When Selling A Car.  MAX Worth™  Offers Works For You!DriveBuys™  Is the last stop when your selling a car.  We Pay The Most With MAX Worth™  Offers.   Unlke many dealers that advertise they beat or pay more for getting a look at your appraisal from a national competitor.  DriveBuys™  Does it Fairly!  We provide independent evaluations and make our own highest amount accepted offers.  As every dealer should. We conduct business openly honetly and fairly. No gimmicks or games.  Just paying the highest accepted amounts to vehicle sellers.
Why Would or Should You Sell Your Car To Us?

DriveBuys Is Licensed, Bonded, Insured And Fully Accredited. Founders Have A Current 28 Years In Auto Industry. 

Providing Personal, Friendly, Courteous Service. The Management And Staff Have Chosen Careers In The Auto Industry. With True Passions And Enthusiasms For Cars. Our Agents Possess Unsurpassed Extensive Mechanical And Integral Condition Knowledge Of Vehicles.  We Know Our Stuff And If We Don't.  We Quickly Research And Find Out.  Cars Is Our Business.

All Our Deals Are Entered Into Respectfully, Fairly & Transparently With One Goal, To Assist You WIth Selling Your Vehicle For The Highest Accepted Market Amounts. We Call that the MAX Worth™!

The DriveBuys™ Secure Car Selling Payment App Coming Soon Will Revolutonize Vehicle Selling For Owners.

What Do I Need To Sell My Car?

Selling Your Car Has Never Been As Convenient or So Stress Free.  To Sell Your Car.  You Will Need:

  1. Valid State ID

  2. Clear Title To Car (If Do Not Have, Still Can Assist)

  3. If Balance Still Owed On Car (Loan Docs For Payoff)

  4. 20 Minutes Of Your Time

How Do You Pay?
DriveBuys™ Pays You For Your Car In The Most Secure Method Known In Commerce Today. 
Thru The Use Of Technology, A Close Relationship With Our Financial Institution & Secure Banking Encryption Technology. 
We Pay Directly To Your Bank Account. Amounts Up To $75K.  Instant Payment Verification. With Our Secure DriveBuys™ Car Selling Payment App.  The Auto Industry's First!
Are You A Participating BBB Business Member?
DriveBuys™  Is Proudly A Participating Member Of The Better Business Bureau
With A 5 Star Rating A+ Rating. 
We Have Completed Tens Of Thousands Of Transactions With Consumers And Maintain An A+ Rating And 5 Star Review Status.  We Are Also A NIADA Accredited Member.
Do You Buy Vehicles With Liens?
DriveBuys™  MAX Worth™  Offers Pays Highest Accepted Market Amounts For VehiclesYes.
We Do Assist Owners With Cars With Loan Balances Still Owed On Vehicles.
The Process Is Quick And Easy. 
Once A Mutually Agreed Upon MAX Worth™ Amount Has Been Established. 
A MAX Worth™ Agent Will Contact Your Lender With The Loan Information You Provide.  We Will Acquire A Payoff Amount With A 15-20 Day Payoff Time frame.  This Amount Will Be Used To Calculate Your Equity Or The Negative-Equity Amount You Need To Pay Us To Sell Your Car.  
In The Event You Owe Less On Car Then Owed To Lender. You Will Be Paid The Equity Amount For Your Car On Spot. Receiving Instant Payment Verification Thru Our Secure Car Selling Payment App.
In The Event You Owe More On Your Car Then Our MAX Worth Offer.  The Negative-Equity Amount Shall Be Paid To Us At The Time We Purchase Your Car.  We Accept Cash, Personal Checks, Cashiers Checks. No Credit Card Or Debit Card Processing.